Our Mission 

We have crafted non-synthetic and biodegradable skincare products rich in vitamins, minerals and probiotic cultures. These healthy compounds combined support the restoration and wellbeing of our external microflora (which is the beneficial bacteria that live on the surface of our skin and protect our body from external environmental pollutants). 

  As the compounds used in our products make their way back to nature (soil, air and water), no negative impact is generated in the Earth’s environment since the ingredients we use are found naturally in nature. We endeavor to motivate others to play an active role in healing the environment, starting with how they care for their skin


The surface of the Earth is like the surface of our skin. Healthy microorganisms ideally live atop both, competing with harmful bacteria for food and space. These beneficial bacteria, along with our body's natural oils, create the microbiome. Research shows that regular use of antibiotics (bacteria-killing substances) causes gaps to form in our microbiome, which enables toxins to penetrate our skin. Most soaps and lotions contain antibiotic properties. Our mission is to help restore your skin's microbiome, so we infuse our salves with healthy, lab-tested probiotic cultures that will help to restore your microbiome’s population of beneficial bacteria.